Your ideas inspire us!

We are committed to ensure that your innovations remain your property. The key to evaluating and understanding innovative progress is technical expertise. Through our team of highly-qualified patent attorneys and IP lawyers, ULLRICH & NAUMANN provides this expertise with respect to all technical and scientific endeavours.


Patent, Trademark and Design Attorneys, Attorneys-at-law
Our firm looks back on a long tradition. In 1929, Dr. Arthur Ullrich founded the firm in Berlin, but already moved the firm to Heidelberg in the 1940s. In 1989, Dr. Ulrich Naumann joined as further naming partner. Since then, ULLRICH & NAUMANN has been growing continuously. Traditionally the core areas of our technical expertise were in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering as well as in physics. In response to a substantial demand for high-quality advice in the biotechnology and life-sciences sector, in 2015, we decided to dedicate a new focus to building a sustainable biotechnology and life-sciences practice and to extending our firm’s expertise to this area of technology.


In a city where research and commerce are so closely connected, ULLRICH & NAUMANN has its natural place.

Above all, and aside from being a prestigious university town and a romantic tourist destination, Heidelberg is one of the centers of the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region – one of Germany’s most important economic regions. From here we strive to stimulate and facilitate new partnerships and synergies – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally


Another center of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region is, of course, Mannheim.

Whether by public companies or innovative start-ups, whether by academic research institutions or by individual inventors, new ideas are created here. ULLRICH & NAUMANN is located right at the heart of it, namely at the Mannheim Medical Technology Campus founder – a hotspot for inventors and innovators.


Our patent attorneys and IP lawyers work hand in hand, which allows us to expeditiously assess general as well as IP-specific legal questions directly in-house. We are registered to represent your interests in all relevant German and European offices and courts including the European Court of Justice.


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