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legal form: partnership with limited professional liability (Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mit beschraenkter Berufshaftung) of patent attorneys and attorneys at law under the German Partnership Act (Partnerschaftsgesellschaftsgesetz) Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mit beschraenkter Berufshaftung (limited liability partnership)

Dr. Ulrich Naumann
Dr. Thomas Maisch
Gregor Jens Hodapp
Dr. André Siepe
Norman Wenz
Dr. Frank Hagmann
Jacques-Philipp Siegel
Robin Bastert
Dr. Meikel Diepholz
Stefanie Beck

registered at the partnership register of the local court of Mannheim 700265

registered office: Heidelberg

responsible for this website: Robin Bastert

The patent attorneys are members of the Patentanwaltskammer (Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys), Tal 29, 80331 Munich, Germany.

The attorneys at law are members of the Rechtsanwaltskammer Karlsruhe (Bar Association of Karlsruhe), Reinhold-Frank-Strasse 72, 76133 Karlsruhe, and of the Anwaltsvereine (Law Societies) of Heidelberg and Germany.

Laws and ordinances govering the practice of patent attorneys (Massgebliche berufsrechtliche Vorschriften für die in Deutschland zugelassenen Patentanwälte):

Laws and ordinances govering the practice of attorneys at law (Massgebliche beruftsrechtliche Vorschriften für die in Deutschland zugelassenen Rechtsanwaelte):

  • The Federal Rules and Regulations for the German Bar (Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung, BRAO)
  • The Professional Regulations (Berufsordnung, BORA)
  • The Federal Attorneys’ Fees Schedule (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz, RVG)
  • The Professional Code of Conduct of Attorneys at law in the European Community

The Professional Regulations for attorneys at law can be viewed on the Internet on the home page of the German Bar Association ( eingesehen werden.

Attorneys at Law are legally bound by BRAO to maintain a professional liability insurance with a minimum amount of 250,000.00 Euro. Details arise from § 51 BRAO.
Patent attorneys and attorneys at law of our firm are covered by insurance of the R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Taunusstraße 1, 65153 Wiesbaden, Germany. The geographical scope of the insurance covers activities in the member countries of the European Union and thereby satisfies the minimum requirements of § 45 Patentanwaltsordnung (PAO) and § 51 BRAO.

Extra-judicial dispute resolution

In the event of disputes between lawyers and their clients extrajudicial dispute resolution may either be requested through the regional bar association (according to § 73 (2) 3 in connection with § 73 (5) BRAO) or via the conciliation board of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers (§ 191f BRAO). Relevant contact details and further information is available online via the homepage of the Federal Bar Association ( or via direct email to:

VAT identification number as per Sec. 27a of the Value Added Tax (UStG): DE 183 228 567



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Schneidmühlstraße 21
69115 Heidelberg

Tel.: +49 62 21/60 43-0
Fax: +49 62 21/60 43-60

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