Ullrich & Naumann, Ulrich Naumann

Yann Kasper

M.Sc. Functional and Structural Engineering

Technical/legal employee

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1991

Studied Civil Engineering as well as Functional and Structural Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), specializing in structural rehabilitation, building materials and building physics, Master of Science 2016.

Research associate at the Research Center for Steel, Timber and Masonary (VAKA), KIT Steel and Lightweight Structures, Departments of Lightweight Structures and Mechanical Connections as well as Joining and Adhesive Bonding Technology, in particular fracture mechanics analysis of FRP-reinforced fatigue-damaged steel components based on simulation and experiment.

Practical technical professional experience in the field of material science as well as of material testing and measurement technology, furthermore in the field of joining and adhesive bonding technology as well as hybrid construction methods and of finite element simulation.

Lecturing activity at KIT Steel and Lightweight Structures in the fields of steel construction as well as innovations and developments in metal and lightweight structures.

Working in the field of intellectual property law since 2022.


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